A Shot of Yager 2013 Ep.2 w/ Bullet for My Valentine’s MATT TUCK

April 30, 2013 @ 12:24 pm

Heavy metal is alive and well thanks in part to old favorites like Metallica and Slayer who are still on top but also due to up-and-comers like international thrashers Bullet for My Valentine, who just might be leading the next crop of axe-wielding stadium-fillers. The Welsh foursome are even more popular overseas than they are in the US, where they are quickly becoming the hottest ticket in heavy metal thanks to appearances on the Golden God Awards, in video games like Madden and Guitar Hero, and as the headliners of countless heavy metal tours. Having just released their fourth major record, Temper Temper, the guys are hitting the road again throughout the US on the HardDrive Tour, cementing their place in the current rock lexicon and proving why they their music has the potential to reach more people than the average pack of headbangers. With close to 8 million Facebook likes worldwide its clear that singer Matt Tuck’s ability to blend the band’s ruthless style of dueling guitars with the occasional catchy and melodic chorus has not gone unnoticed. BFMV frontman Matt Tuck joins me to discuss the band’s evolution over the years, from The Poison all the way up to Temper Temper, which they recently recorded in Thailand. Matt talks about their time recording the new album, his love for Metallica, the difference between the music scene in Europe and in the US, why other metal bands are scared to write catchy songs and much more! Follow the band on twitter @BFMVOfficial and be sure to check them out when they come to a city near you!

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