A Shot of Yager Ep34 w/ Darren McMullen Host of NBC’s Love in the Wild

June 28, 2011 @ 11:52 am

Darren McMullen is a Scottish born TV host who has spent most of his career in Australia hosting shows like MTV’s The Lair and Minute to Win It. Darren has recently made his way out to the U.S. where he is hosting NBC’s brand new reality competition show Love in the Wild which debuts next Wednesday, 6/29 at 10pm. Darren is a funny, outgoing TV personality who is not scared to say what’s on his mind and in my opinion he is exactly what the American MTV has been missing since the early 90’s. Darren joins me to share stories about his time with countless celebrities like Vince Vaughan and Robert Downey Jr, hosting MTV’s The Lair, how his career got started and what we can expect from NBC’s Love in the Wild. Follow Darren on twitter @DarrenMcMullen

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