A Shot of Yager Ep35 w/ Opie & Anthony Producer and Radio Host Sam Roberts

June 30, 2011 @ 11:05 am

Sam Roberts started off as a kid who loved radio but was stuck as a film major at Syracuse University with myself. He’s now a Producer on the nationally successful and beloved radio show Opie and Anthony and also hosts pretty much every other show on Sirius as well, including the O&A After Show and Special Delivery with Sam and Dave. Sam joins me to discuss his journey from Syracuse to New York City and how he went from intern to an on-air personality and eventually Producer. He tells stories about Mick Foley feeding him steak, how he got involved in pro wrestling, Paris Hilton’s notorious appearance on O&A and a whole lot more. Follow Sam on twitter @notsam for more info on when to catch Sam on the air. HINT: Turn on Sirius, chances are...he’s talking.


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