Comedian Pablo Francisco

September 2, 2013 @ 7:04 pm

There’s nothing better than a standup who not only can pull off several dead-on impersonations, but can weave them in and out of their act to the point where you feel like you’re watching way more than just one dude. Pablo Francisco is one of the best impressionists around, and certainly my favorite. He’s so good at doing the movie trailer voice...that he actually does movie trailer voice overs now. You know him from Mad TV, Comedy Central and comedy clubs all around the country where he continues to sell out each and every week. This week he’s dropping by the Funny Bone in Manchester CT. September 5th through the 8th so go check him out! If you are a fan of Pablo’s or have never even seen his standup than this a podcast for you as Pablo hits me with tons of voices and may have been my most energetic guest yet, which came at no surprise. Check him out at to see when he’ll be dropping by a club near you and follow the man on twitter @Pablo_Francisco - This is definitely a podcast that fans of comedy do NOT want to miss! ENJOY! 

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