Danny Tamberelli

April 8, 2014 @ 4:38 pm

Danny Tamberelli was the epitome of a child star in the 90’s. He was on Pete and Pete, Figure it Out, All That and any kid who watched Nickelodeon growing up would recognize those trademark cheeks and rosy red hair anywhere. After starring in several hit TV programs as well as films like The Mighty Ducks and Igby Goes Down, Tamberelli decided to leave the entertainment industry and do what most normal kids do, go to college and start a band. Although he still does comedy with his Man Boobs Comedy group and participates in the occasional reunion for his past shows like Pete and Pete, Tamberelli’s main focus is his band JOUNCE, an alt-rock group with a definite jam band sensibility. Jounce is playing at The Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden with Local H on April 23rd and at the Brooklyn Bowl the night before! Danny joins me on the podcast this week for a fun chat about his career as an actor, all of the fun shows, movies and projects he has been involved with and his true passion, music. Follow Danny on twitter @DTamberelli and head over to www.Jounce.Org for info on all of their upcoming shows! 

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