September 3, 2014 @ 10:44 pm

When it comes to word association, there might not be a single word or name that makes one think of rock music more than Slash. Highly regarded as one of, if not the most iconic hard rock and heavy metal guitarist of all time, Slash was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Guns N Roses in 2012. Slash proved he was an artist who could evolve and continue to make great music without his troubled counterpart, Axl Rose, when he formed Velvet Revolver with former Stone Temple Pilots front-man, Scott Weiland, who also has his fair share of demons. For the third stage of his illustrious career, Slash has become the name on the marquee, forming his solo project Slash and the Conspirators and dropping his third solo album since 2010 this year. Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy, the vocalist who has Slash’s riffs and chords in his hands now, has done nothing but impress the guitar legend on and off the stage. It was an absolute honor for the one and only Slash to drop by The Sound for an in-depth chat about the many stages of his career, the various vocalists and personalities who have played huge parts along the way, how he looks so good at forty-nine years old and MORE! Follow Slash on twitter @SLASH and head to www.SlashOnline.com for more info on his tour!

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