Ep. 34: Nicole Zanatta

April 4, 2018 @ 11:06 pm

Derrick Kosinski & Scott Yager are joined by Nicole Zanatta.

There is no telling what would have happened if Nicole (@N_ZanattaMTV) didn't injure her ankle in the first leg of #TheChallengeVendettas final on Tuesday, eliminating her from the competition and removing her chances of her first victory.

We don't know yet who wins the whole thing, but we know it isn't her. That being said, Nicole has made the final in her two #Challenge appearances thus far, has been involved in a showmance or two and is far from tight-lipped when it comes to her feelings on other competitors. In other words, she is the perfect podcast guest.

Nicole joins Derrick (@DerrickMTV) and Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) for a talk about her past performances on the show, her untimely exit, her career as a firefighter and her former career as a police officer, Tony Time, Laurel, Cara Maria, her dating life and much more!

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