Ep 48 w/ Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE

November 8, 2011 @ 12:30 pm

Amy Lee is considered by many to be the female voice of rock music and has been since she and her band were declared “Best New Artist” at the Grammy’s in 2004. Hard rock is not typically a scene that is dominated by women, however Amy has managed to succeed by combining her extremely captivating and melodic voice with passionate lyrics which she writes as well. With a carousel of supporting band-members constantly changing, Amy remains the one constant from Evanescence’s first work, including their worldwide hit “Bring Me To Life” which between commercials, sports montages, pro wrestling and the movie Daredevil, was absolutely unavoidable in that 2003-2005 period and the 2011 version of the band that we see today. Amy was nice enough to drop by to discuss the new album titled “Evanescence”, what it’s like to represent women in the male-dominated genre of hard rock music, who her favorite artists are and a whole lot more!

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