Ep 49 w/ Comedian Jim Breuer

November 11, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

Jim Breuer is a comedian who became world famous by starring in the stoner comedy Half Baked and playing a variety of characters on Saturday Night Live including his most recognizable...Goat Boy. He continues to perform around the world today and also hosts his own radio show and podcast. Recently he produced a film following his life on the road while taking care of his aging father, an emotional journey not expected from a guy who got famous off of screaming “Metallica!” on stage. Jim also wrote his first booked titled “I’m Not High” which is a funny commentary on his journey through the world of entertainment and comedy as well as his thoughts on family, religion, fame and tons of other issues. Jim joins me to talk about all of the above, the current state of comedy, juggling all his various projects and more!

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