Ep 58 w/ ANDREW W.K.

February 24, 2012 @ 9:50 am

If you don’t know who Andrew W.K. is then judging by his picture on the I Get Wet album cover you would likely assume he is a vampire. If you are familiar with Andrew’s music you might think he’s merely just a rock star. But Andrew W.K. is much more than that. A producer, a motivational speaker, and an all-around ambassador of partying, joy and having a good time, Andrew W.K. could open up a store with all the hats he has worn over the years since his first release I Get Wet, appearing in a slew of shows for the MTV networks an even popping up on Fox News from time to time. Andrew drops by to discuss his diverse career path, the music industry of today and his thoughts on a variety of other performers and topics. He is bringing his entire catalog to the stage at Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den on Saturday March 31st, including the hit song “Party Hard” which every guy heard multiple times a day for years due to its inclusion as the main theme for Madden 2003. Follow Andrew on twitter @AndrewWK

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