Ep 59 w/ Comedian RICHARD LEWIS

March 1, 2012 @ 11:19 am

Simply put, Richard Lewis is a legend of standup comedy. One of the stars during the glory years of standup, Lewis’ stage demeanor became world famous, with his tendency to lay his hand on his forehead while getting more and more engaged in the his acy turning into his signature stage move. You may also know him from his wide variety of TV and film roles including what is widely regarded as the funniest comedy on TV for the last ten years, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Richard joins me to talk about Curb, the story of when his lifelong friend Larry David asked him to be involved, working with Mel Brooks in Robin Hood Men in Tights, how standup comedy has evolved over the years and much more! Richard even shares his thoughts on a joke that I tell on stage. Catch Richard Lewis all over CT in the month of March where he will be at Treehouse Comedy at the Stratford Inn on 3/16 and Mohegan Sun Casino on 3/17! Follow Richard on twitter @TheRichardLewis

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