Ep 68 w/ UFC Star Roy “BIG COUNTRY” Nelson

August 6, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

Roy “Big Country” Nelson has been one of the biggest and brightest starts (literally and figuratively) in the UFC since winning Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. Roy defeated internet star Kimbo Slice on the program in what was one of the most watched MMA fights in American TV history, following it up with an impressive knockout victory over Brendan Shaub in the finals. Roy continued his success into the UFC where he scored impressive victory after impressive victory, blowing fans and UFC brass away with his tough chin and endless heart in his few losses along the way. Roy will return to The Ultimate Fighter, this time as one of the coaches where he will compete against fellow heavyweight contender Shane Carwin. A win over Carwin will put Roy right back in the hunt for the title in the heavyweight division as his great personality, signature look and resume of victories are surely enough to earn him a title shot. Roy drops by to chat about the season of TUF that he won, his fight with Kimbo, his fight with Dos Santos, who he would most like to fight, who has the best nickname in MMA, bad officiating and a whole lot more! This is an interview fight fans will NOT want to miss! Follow Roy on twitter @RoyNelsonMMA and check his website out at www.RoyNelson.com

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