Kicking N Streaming Ep2 w/ Jon Anik of ESPN’s MMA LIVE

February 13, 2011 @ 2:56 pm

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Love is in the air and so is Mixed Martial Arts as I am joined by one of my favorite guests, Jon Anik of ESPN's MMA Live to talk about Fedor's big loss this past Saturday, all of the UFC shake-ups in the light-heavyweight division and a whole lot more. Jon was in Las Vegas for UFC 126 and he tells me what it was like to be there when everything transpired after Rashad Evans revealed he was injured and would not be able to compete against Shogun Rua in NJ on 3/19. Jon spent time with Rashad, Bones Jones and Rampage and shares stories about just how spontaneous Dana White's decision to put Bones in the 3/19 main event really was. We talk about who would win a dream fight between Herschel Walker and Joe Rogan and Jon tells me how he came up with his famous tagline "don't text and drive". Jon hosts a chat every Wednesday on and MMA Live is on ESPN2 every Friday night so make sure to set those DVRs. Follow Jon on twitter @Jon_Anik


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