Mick Foley

September 8, 2013 @ 8:11 pm

Mick Foley will always be remembered as the international wrestling superstar who is not only responsible for popularizing the hardcore style that took the WWF/WWE into their most popular period of all time with one big fall off a cage, but also as a New York Times Best Selling Author, a generous contributor to numerous charities such as RAINN, and now, a popular stand up comedian. Mick will be dropping by the Funny Bone in Hartford, CT. on Wednesday, September 11th and info on all Mick’s dates can be found online at www.RealMickFoley.com. It was a pleasure to be joined by Mick, who was and always will be a childhood hero of mine, about his transition into the cut-throat world of standup comedy, his famous Hell in A Cell match with The Undertaker, the documentary he starred in Beyond the Mat, the documentary he is working on now about Santa Claus, his books, charity work and much much more! Follow Mick on twitter @RealMickFoley and be sure to look for him at comedy clubs near you for a fun show that is a great night of laughs for wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike. Yeah, cause a lot of wrestling fans are going to have dates that aren’t wrestling fans. I kid, I kid. If you’ve ever read or seen Mick you know that he was born to do standup comedy and tell stories on stage and this podcast is even further proof of that! A fun show that definitely gets filed under the category of personal thrills. 

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