Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome

July 31, 2014 @ 9:43 am

If you are a living, breathing person under the age of forty you likely grew up listening to Sublime like I did. To this day Sublime is one of the most popular bands in the world, almost twenty years after the passing of their original singer Bradley Nowell in 1996. Rome Ramirez also grew up a California kid listening to Sublime, becoming obsessed as a teenager and molding his style, wardrobe and musical direction to mimic the band he fell in love with. This came in handy in 2009 when Bud and Eric, the remaining members of Sublime decided to make Rome their new front-man, forming Sublime with Rome. Their 2011 album, Your’s Truly, was both an ode to Bradley and a coming out party for Rome, blending the classic Long Beach punk/reggae sensibilities of the original Sublime with the brilliant pop-style singer/songwriter stylings of their new frontman. That album came in at #3 on my Top Ten Albums of 2011 list and you can read that review HERE. When that album dropped it was clear that although Rome was touring the country playing some of the most beloved songs of all time by Sublime, along with their new Sublime With Rome material, that he also had talent as a mainstream singer/songwriter that rivaled some of the biggest pop superstars in the world, like Bruno Mars. It is no surprise to hear that in the last year alone Rome has written and produced tracks for the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez and Jason Derulo. In a podcast I am thrilled to share with you, Rome joins me this week for a very fun chat about what it was like joining the band that shaped his youth, all of his current projects on stage and behind the scenes, what having his name IN the band name has done for his profile, where his career goes from here and much much more! Follow Rome on twitter @RomeMusica and follow Sublime With Rome @SublimeWithRome. Remember to check them our on tour now, all dates and info available at

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