SA Martinez from 311 Returns!

August 15, 2014 @ 1:07 pm

Anyone who knows me or is a fan of this show knows that I have been rockin’ out to 311 since the mid 90’s. To say it’s a pleasure to get to talk to the guys I’ve been going to see every summer for over half of my life is an understatement. This is the 2nd time SA Martinez has joined me on the podcast (1st time HERE) and although we get a ton of 311 talk in, his main reason for catching up is to tell me about his new side project Los Stellarians, who have an album dropping soon that has one of the coolest titles I’ve heard in a while, Cholo Soul. The album is all covers but SA says an album of originals is due to drop soon as well. This episode is must listen for any 311 fan but is also very fun chat for everyone’s enjoyment cause SA is always a great interview, being by far, one of the chillest dudes around. We talk about crazy 311 fans, wedding requests, why 311 doesn’t do more covers, cell phones at shows, their recent stops in NYC and CT and a whole lot more! Cholo Soul will be available on 8/26 and they are putting out 500 limited edition vinyls that are a must own to say the absolute least! Remember to head to for info on the album, upcoming performances and more! Always follow 311 on twitter @311 and listen to Los Stellarians’ single “Didn’t I” HERE!

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