Shanola Hampton Returns!

November 12, 2013 @ 9:20 am

The first lady of the podcast returns for her fourth appearance as the lovely Shanola Hampton drops by to talk Shameless Season 3, the upcoming Season 4, what it’s like with no Justin Chatwin, what fans an expect next year, how shooting is going and much much more. We talk about our shared distain for this season of Homeland and what the hell is going on with that show but just when things start to get good Shanola gets called back into the Alibi to shoot a scene so our time is cut short. But don’t worry she will be back soon enough! As the first lady that is merely her duty! Just kidding! Shanola is one of our favorite guests and for good reason, as even in this short and sweet episode of the podcast she brings the love and energy like no other! Follow Shanola on twitter @ShanolaHampton and check her out as V on Showtime’s Shameless, premiering for its FOURTH season this January! 

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